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Focus Priorities

Focus Priorities

Our Focus Priorities

We know that there are a lot of things to be changed to increase the health and well-being of our whānau. However, we need to take bite sized pieces.

Our kōrero with whānau highlighted four key themes:
1. Housing
2. Primary Care and Access
3. Taitamariki Mental Health
4. Māmā and Pēpi

These are the focus priorities for Taikorihi over the next three years.

Mental health services in remote locations don’t help much. Whānau don’t get much support. They just give them meds and drug them up to be zombies. It’s heartbreaking


Priority One


Whānau identified whare āhuru (housing) as the number one target priority across all age groups. Housing has been at crisis point in the Taikorihi catchment area for decades and this is now at all levels—home ownership, rentals, social and emergency. Healthy, stable and secure homes is one of the keys for transformative and fundamental change in hauora and wellbeing for whānau.

Priority Two

Taitamariki Mental Health

In Taikorihi, as it is nationally, Māori are the youngest and fastest growing population. Given the age structure of the Māori population, Taitamariki are the future of not only Māori, but also Aotearoa. Therefore, it is imperative that Taitamariki are fully engaged in their world and given opportunities at all levels. 

Priority Three

Primary Care and Access

It is estimated that approximately 3,000 people in the Taikorihi Locality catchment cannot access a General Practice. Out of that group, at least 55 percent are Māori. Given the rate of long-term and specific health conditions in the Far North, this situation must be treated with urgency. 

Priority Four

Māmā & Pēpi

The Māmā and Pēpi priority focus is to start implementing the goals of whānau to create meaningful intergenerational change. The rationale being that this formative time for mama and pēpi creates a stable foundation for the rest of a person’s life.