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Me te wai e rere ana

To be like flowing water

Focus Priorities

2023 – 2026

The vision for the Taikorihi Locality is ambitious. The challenges facing this region are immense and the statistics are dire.

Whānau mā – we hear you! We now want to make sure that we got it right.

Check out our priorities that we have pulled together. Let us know your whakaaro.

People need a safe place to go and just talk. People are whakamā and shy to talk. Lots of people feel dumb. People end up getting sick through…


Mental health services in remote locations don’t help much. Whānau don’t get much support. They just give them meds and drug them up to be zombies. It’s heartbreaking.


Our Community Voices

We have listened to 1600 whānau over the past 6 months. We have asked whānau what are some of the health and wellbeing issues faced here in Te Hiku o Te Ika. Anei ētahi o ngā kōrero.

Everything else stems from there. My whole life centres around home, wellbeing. It’s tangible.

Wahine, Kuia, 74

How can people get a house if they don’t know how to save? Our people weren’t silly. We’ve been made to struggle. We need to change the conditions.

Tāne, Kaumātua, 67