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Throughout the whānau kōrero engagement, it became clear that whānau do not wish to be passive recipients of our health care system, but active agents. Here are our voices.

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Everything else stems from there. My whole life centres around home, wellbeing. It’s tangible

Wahine, Kuia, 74

Whānau need a stable environment

Wahine, Kuia, 71

The housing crisis is shocking

Wahine, Kuia, 64

How can people get a house if they don’t know how to save? Our people weren’t silly. We’ve been made to struggle. We need to change the conditions

Tāne, Kaumātua, 67

A lot of wellbeing levers can be solved by housing


Housing is a huge opportunity to help with health. Why aren’t we doing it


Where would I go if not for my niece? Rent is too high. I couldn’t afford it

Wahine, Kuia, 63

There’s the price of housing and then even getting a house


More halfway houses. There are heaps of people inside with nowhere to be bailed