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Throughout the whānau kōrero engagement, it became clear that whānau do not wish to be passive recipients of our health care system, but active agents. Here are our voices.

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Why can’t there be a card system? It’d have everyone’s details on there and so you wouldn’t have to go over it again and again


Māori outcomes aren’t getting better. They’re getting worse. Why is that

Tane, Kaumātua, 71

Also, we need to pay them enough, so nurses and doctors want to come up and work here”.


I want to see more kaupapa Māori services, more Māori doctors, more Māori nurses. I want to be able to access rongoā Māori from my GP

Wahine, Kuia, 64

I’ve come back from Australia to look after my brother. He’s struggling to get into a doctor in Kaitaia. I ended up taking him to Auckland. The system…


My father just got diagnosed with a rare condition. He’s been like this for years and we didn’t know. Too late now